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Use of ICT in the classroom and the opportunities for interactive learning:

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Today we looked at the use of ICT in the classroom from a cross curricular perspective:

We specifically looked at the use of podcasts; but we also looked at other forms of technology that can be used in tandem with a computer e.g. ipods/Mp3/4 players.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a type of digital media that can be either video/audio of PDF which can be downloaded from the web, on to a computer or a series of mobile devices which include the ones previously emtioed e.g. mobiles/mp3 players/ipods etc.

What are podcasts used for?

Podcasts can be used for a variety of reasons, there is no sole purpose for a podcast. podcasts are commonly used to view television programs, or in a educational setting can be used to record lessons or aspects of a lesson.  suggestions made in the class today included using digital media resources to record different parts of a childs education, like school trips or recording special days at school.

We explored a variety of different digital media which also briefly looekd at talking  personal whiteboards. Recordings could be made on the whiteboards. We thought that this sort of resource would be particularly helpful for some SEN and EAL students, which needed help prounouncing certain words the teachers or other students could leave a recording on the whiteboards, or alternatively the pupil could record themselves reading outloud.

Additionally pupils could take home these resources for parents to make recordings in their native tongue, to share with the class and/or to aid the learning of the english language.

last but not least we look at digital cameras and webcams and we got to explore these in a little more detail.

one specific piece of equipment that I got a little more familiar with than the rest was a piece of equipment called the tuff came, which if i remember its name was in reference to its durability. We did test out how tough it was during the lesson on several ocassions and it did pass all the tests with a minor scare towards the end of the lesson.

the tuff cam was a fairly easy piece of equipment to use, but we did encounter some difficulties and this was a common occurence in our class. “Apparently” this was not the case in the last lesson but ‘Hey’ we got there in the end.

have a look at what we did, its not quite a quentin tarantino production but with a few more hours fiddling around with the tuff cam maybe it could have been:



Tuff cam:

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